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- January 9th-12th 2024 -


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Here are the descriptions and dates of the FREE workshops that we are offering from January 9-12. They are a great way to prepare for the GameJam but you can also go to these workshops without participating in the GameJam. It's up to you! 

Advice for Successfully Participating in a GameJam

- Tuesday (Jan 9) 6-7pm ONLINE -

Participating in a gamejam is more than just making a game. You need to sleep well and eat well too! Mentors with lots of gamejam experience will give you their "best-of” list for surviving and thriving in a gamejam experience.

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Pixel Art 

- Wednesday (Jan 10) 6-7pm ONLINE -

We’ll use the free tool at pixelart to learn to draw a full game character. We’ll also master the 12 basic principles of animation for shading and 2D drawing in this workshop.


Breaking into the Video Game Industry

- Wednesday (Jan 10) 7-8pm ONLINE -

How can you get an internship or a even a job in the video game industry? There are a lot of different paths including doing Quality Assurance (QA) as well as doing post-secondary studies in video game creation. In this workshop, you'll get to ask your questions to video game employees to understand the different opportunities available to you and how to prepare for them.

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Design Blitz Tournament

- Thursday (Jan 11) 4-6pm **IN-PERSON** -


This workshop will be the ONLY one that is IN-PERSON, taking place at the Edu2 school in Montreal (5800 St Laurent Blvd). In this design tournament game, you will be divided into three teams to do brainstorming activities of 15 minutes each such as designing a logo for a card game, drawing a storyboard for a video game or creating a landing page for a table. It's very interactive and very fun. There will be snacks and prizes to be won.

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UX/UI for Game Interfaces

- Thursday (Jan 11) 6-7pm ONLINE -


Do you want to learn about user-experience (UX) all while designing a game prototype with Adobe XD, a clickable mockup software? If so, this workshop is for you!

La programmation

Godot - a game engine for beginners

- Thursday (Jan 11) 7-8:30 pm ONLINE -

In this 90 minute workshop, you'll learn the basics around Godot and how to program a space invader type game. The Godot game engine is recommeded for beginner programmers who want to make a video game during the gamejam. Non-programmers can pick up Godot before the Saturday gamejam with a little work.


Unity Basics in 3

- Friday (Jan 12) 6-9 pm ONLINE -

In this introduction to Unity, you will create a game prototype while learning the basics of Unity like particle effects, adding sound, artificial intelligence, 2D/3D animation, physics simulations, and much more. Yes, it's 3 hours but you'll learn a ton! Most useful to students with some experience in programming.

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